Notice of Change in Smith Club Member Status

We've recently made some changes to our membership structure which will not effect your current status, but will effect how you are classified on our website.  We'd like to take this opportunity to explain those changes and encourage you to join the Smith Club as a bona fide member.  One of the most immediate benefits will be FREE attendance at our annual membership party, coming up September 19.  (Details on our website here). 

In the past, we've permitted Smith alums to sign up on the website as "general members" in order to use the website and register for Smith Club events. We did not require that you paid the Smith College Club dues in order to do so.  

Moving forward, you will only be an actual "member" of the Club if you have

paid the annual membership dues. Graduates who graduated less than 10

years ago would pay the junior membership dues. Graduates past 10

years would pay the regular membership dues. (Dues are set annually by

the Club and are posted on our website.)  

This change in membership classification has no effect on your current

membership status. Merely, you will no longer be classified as a "general

member" on our website. You may still use the website as before and still

register for and attend Smith Club events.  

Please let us know if you have any questions. And of course, we'd love to have you join the Club as a member.  

Smith College Club of New York City

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