Fine Arts Exhibition featuring Yeu Ryang Choi '15


Second Nature

Parsons Fine Arts
2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition

April 21–29, 2017
Gallery Hours: 12pm – 6pm
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 20, 6–8 PM

Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune Street
New York, NY 10014

Second Nature offers new artistic interventions and observations of a fragile world: a world in which technics and ideology have merged to produce a complex image-landscape in which traditional notions of truth and reality can no longer be taken for granted, and even nature itself has been fundamentally altered by human intervention. In this uncertain and challenging moment, in 2017, this diverse group of artists, informed by their shared experiences and working proximity over the last two years, are developing methods to critique, analyze, and recover vulnerable images, materials, and relations. Together and separately, their working processes have become another kind of second nature—an almost instinctual critical approach to looking at and making images—formed in the intensive learning and working environment of the Parsons MFA Program. Second Nature is both a commentary on our present, and a proposition for other ways of working and exploring how this group of artists has mediated the world around them.
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